Express Your S(h)elf


Shelves are one of the simplest furniture designs, but that doesn’t mean they have to be dull!

We were in need of some storage for the workshop, and nothing is more functional than a shelf, yet we wanted something that looked fresh and stylish.

We thought it would be helpful to add a closed shelf, to protect some of the stuff from dust, so we made a three-panel door with a long horizontal piano-hinge, that way the door turns into a small work surface when it is opened. To hold the door in place when it is open we used a strong cotton ribbon.

It is built from spruce wood and plywood (1 cm thick for the shelves and door panels and 6 mm thick for the back and sides of the closed shelf).

We treated the wood with a transparent preservative and added a black handle so that it would be in style with the table saw stand and the workbench.

It was a very fun project, but not so simple as it may look, with its 24 mortise and tenon joints, the paneled door and the panels for  enclosing the middle shelf, but the result was above our expectations.

You can download the sketchup model for this shelf here.

The music track Drone Flight by Scott Holmes
is Licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0
Attribution/Share alike license

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