Polaroid inspired frames


A simple way to add an original look to your framed pictures.

The concept is quite simple, if you use a rectangular frame to hold a square picture you will obtain this effect, it is not even necessary to build the frame yourself, any simple frame will do… but where’s the fun in that?

We started cutting some 20*25mm pieces from some leftover fir from a previous project, and then caved a rabbet in all the pieces to hold the glass and the back panel.

After cutting all the pieces to length we cut the 45° corners and glued the frame together using a framing clamp to keep it together. To strenghten the miter joint we used some 2mm thick corners cut from the same wood.

The finishing was three coats of water based white varnish.

The music track Grow Grotesque by Doctor Turtle
is Licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0
Attribution/Share alike license

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