An icicle that never melts


Summer is over, yet there is no reason for not enjoying a nice icicle. Why not a musical walnut-lime icicle.

The idea for this toy for a toddler came to us a few years ago. The first prototype we built was made out of pine wood and we coloured it in bright colors to make it more appealing. However, ever since we wondered how it could have looked if we just used the natural colors of wood.

The design is similar to a castanet, the three layers of wood (each one 8mm thick) are held together with an elastic band. We alternated walnut and lime wood to have contrasting colors.

The two outer pieces have a 45 degrees bevel to allow  the movement required for the clapping.

For the finish we used food-safe raw linseed oil. It is very easy to apply but it has a very long curing time (up to a week), good thing that these icicles don’t melt!

If you are interested you can download the outline at this link.

The music track Quaker Shaker by krackatoa
is Licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0
Attribution/Share alike license

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