Take a stand, make a table saw stand


Finally we got a new (second hand) table saw for the woodworking shop. And of course the first project with it will be a stand to put it on. The design is inspired by our workbench, so it will be assembled with mortise and tenons, but this time the tenons will be cut on the table saw. It took about an hour to make the tenons this way (it took me a couple of days to make those of the workbench by hand) and they were very consistent in size.

The features of this new addition to the shop are quite simple, a wide and solid surface to bolt the table saw to, a big drawer to store the smaller jigs and accessories and, most importantly, wheels! Because being the workshop so small it is very important to have the capability of moving the tools around in order to adapt the layout to the pieces you are cutting. Small workshop does not necessarily means small projects.

The height of the stand was calculated so that the Table saw surface was about 5 mm higher than the main workbench, so that it can be used as an outfeed table if necessary.

Another new entry in the shop is the jointer/thickness planer so to put it immediately to the test we decided to start from rough pine lumber for the structure of the stand. The results were just amazing, and there is a lot of room for improvement. For the rest of the build we used the same plywood used in the workbench build.

If you are interested you can download the plans at this link

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