Workbench With Drawers

CoverWBFor a workshop of any kind, two things are fundamental: surfaces and storage. You need solid and wide surfaces to work on and large and secure storage capacity to store your tools and materials when you are not working with them.

This is a video of how we built our first workbench, for the woodworking workshop.

We wanted the workbench to center the back wall of the room with vaulted brick ceiling. It was designed to be stable and practical but also beautiful in this rustic environment. The workbench is made out of pine wood, using simple tools, and varnished for endurance. The large and roomy drawers are very handy to store all the small tools and the wide shelf on the bottom holds space for the larger power tools. We chose to use mortise and tenon joints to increase resistance, and to practice a bit before making the next project (but no, we won’t anticipate what is up next).

Even though (or maybe because of) it is our kick off project, we madly love to touch, see and use it! The video covers all principle construction steps, so maybe we can inspire you for a new and beautiful project too.

If you are interested you can download the plans at this link

The music track, Sector Vector by Little Glass Men, is Licensed under a Creative Commons 4.0 attribution License.

© Ryan Claus
COMPOSER: Ryan Claus
PUBLISHER: Claus Creative

3 thoughts on “Workbench With Drawers

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