Warning, hot content ahead!

The tremendous chili peppers!

The following is not really a recipe, it’s rather a quick tip for storing your homegrown Chili Peppers keeping the maximum of their spiciness.


While dealing with Chili Peppers (in this case the Cayenne variety) please always wear gloves and be very careful to keep your hands away from your face.


  • As many chili peppers as you like.
  • Olive oil.

First wash the peppers then dry them on kitchen paper, cut off the stalk an then pass it through a juice extractor (aka slow juicer). Add a little bit of olive oil in the juicer to facilitate the extraction.

You will obtain 2 separate products, a very concentrated oil and the pulp from the peppers. Both extremely hot (that depends also on the variety of course, mine almost made me cry).

To store the peppers mix the oil and the pulp together, if needed add some more olive oil to cover the mixture completely, this way you can keep them in the fridge for several months, and use them as needed in your recipes.

Remember to wash the juice extractor thoroughly in order to remove all residuates of chili peppers.

A special thank to my 6 year old daughter for the label artwork.

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